Below are a few field preparation tips to make sure your trophy is well treated before heading off to Big Buck Taxidermy. Ensure that you or your PH follow these to ensure that your trophy can be reserved in the best possible condition.

Our field tips

  • Do not drag trophies over the ground

    To avoid damage which could ruin the trophy.

  • Keep them shaded

    This will ensure that the trophy stays as life-like as possible.

  • Protect them against damage

    During handling, loading, transporting and off-loading it is essential to gently handle the trophy.

  • Skin Trophies Quickly

    Skin trophies as soon as possible, using the correct skinning methods. Do not leave bits of flesh and fat on the skins.


    Wash skins thoroughly in cold, clean water to remove blood and dirt.

  • Salt the skin

    After washing the skin with cold clean water, put it in a strong salt solution for a couple hours.

  • Dry the skin out

    Spread them on a gentle slope, and salt both sides heavily with good salt. Ensure that ears, eyelids and lips are well salted.

  • Store your skin

    When almost dry, fold skins with hair-side in and store in a cool place. Never store skins in plastic bags. Do not try to fold dry skins.

  • Smaller Trophies

    Birds, small mammals and small reptiles must be covered in tissue or similar paper and frozen whole (ungutted) in plastic bags. Do not use detergents, soap or chemicals on trophies.